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I'm a QA/QC Engineer and a data analysis specialist. I have been developing quality control plans and procedures, planned and conducted an internal quality audit, suppliers' audit, and suppliers' assessments for a wide array of customers worldwide for over eighteen years. Recently I found a new passion, programming, and data science field. Self-taught data analyst and programmer, I found my love for the digital world while working with QA/QC data for such companies as ExxonMobil, Emerson Process Management, Chevron, and Shell. I found my interest in producing data visualization and storytelling on the computer. I'm constantly trying to expand my range of abilities and I'm happy when learning new software or techniques. Currently, I work with python, Django, SQL as well as use scraping tools, HTML and CSS to collect data and produce dashboards and data visualizations. Also, I'm very excited about Machine Learning and its rapid growth in recent years as well as technical inventions and solutions in this area. It seems that there are a lot of interesting things going on in this area and it is great to learn as much as possible about this technology.

Andrey Shalaev

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Welcome to my website. My Name is Andrey and I enjoy making websites and apps, prepare data visualisations and dashboards. I also love cycling. Here you can see some of my former and current projects. i made this portfolio website to show my web development skills. To build this portfolio I used Django, Python, PostgreSQl Database, Bootstrap and deployed on Azure. Please contact me via e-mail or social networks.

Im really good at:

Data Analisys


Web Design





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I measured performance in terms of  Quality for such companies as Emerson Process Management, Renault-Nissan, Exxon-Mobil. I Prepared and Monitored Quality KPIs by Measuring & Reporting of Quality Data, Facilitating Analysis of Data.
This is my work as QA/QC Supervisor in Oil and Gas Industry where I developed and operated quality control systems, ensuring testing and inspection procedures in place and applied as required.
I developed and implemented automated forms and reporting for drilling project in Kazakhstan.
I'm Inspecting and auditing at gas turbine installation and commissioning project in Russia.
I carried out audit and quality data research for Kara Sea exploration drilling project in Russia
I use statistical methods to diagnose and correct improper quality control practices.



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Chicago, US
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